Friday, May 8, 2015

Birthday Wish List

I am 32 today.  Happy birthday to me!  I told my husband that I don't want anything for my birthday and I wasn't lying.  The only thing I want is for him to take the kids and let me sleep in one day on a weekend.  That would be the best gift ever :-)  But I had some fun on Polyvore and found some things that I liked/wanted.  

  •  I saw this electric blue Kate Spade bag at the store last week and I wanted to hug it and bring it home with me.  It's so prettyyyyy!
  • I love the rain, but I would love it even more with that Kate Spade clear umbrella.
  • I need new glasses!  I've had the same Juicy Couture glasses for almost four years now.  I love them but I need a new look. 
  • I need a facial like nobody's business (and maybe some botox)!  I am tired and I need something to make me not look so tired LOL
  • This cute little make up bag made me laugh so now I need it.
  • This dress is ridiculously expensive but it would look sooooo good right?
  • I am obsessed with hats, especially ones that I can wear in the summer.  You can never have too many hats!
  • I suck at washing my face every night.  It is my worst bad habit.  This Clarisonic face cleanser would make life easier for me...maybe.
  • I love watches.  I wear one to work every day.  These Kate Spade watches are lovely, but I couldn't decide between silver or gold.
  • I need new jeans and Seven jeans are my favorite.
  • Creme De La Mer...enough said.
  • My best friend got this Louis Vuitton Damier cross body bag in Vegas over a year ago and I regret not copying her.  It is the perfect cross body bag!
  • I have black Christian Louboutin pumps and I love them!  I need nude ones now.
  • I have been tagged by at least 5 people on Instagram to let me know that this is the phone case I need.  I think they might know I love wine :-)
  • I love to travel and I love Louis Vuitton so that means I need Louis Vuitton luggage.
  • I know it's not boot season anymore but I want these Sergio Rossi boots! 
  • I wear black flats almost every day to work.  These Yves Saint Laurent flats are amazing.
  • I guess I can cross off these macarons from my list because my extremely generous and thoughtful friend Karina got me the most delicious macarons from Bottega Louis yesterday and if I eat any more macarons I will be morbidly obese soon. 

Birthday Wish List

Altuzarra black white striped dress
$1,395 -

Sergio Rossi knee boots

Christian Louboutin heels & pumps

Louis Vuitton brown purse

Kate Spade tote bag

Kate Spade black watch

Kate spade glasses

Express straw fedora

Tech accessory

La Mer face moisturizer
$1,065 -

Clarisonic face cleanser
$190 -

Canvas makeup bag
$23 -

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  1. Birthday wishes list Gorgeous, Many Birthday wishes to you hope to all dreams come true