Monday, February 2, 2015


I have always wanted a dining booth in my dining room.  It just seemed so cool to have a restaurant type booth at home and I thought it would be way easier for my kids to get on it without my help.  Especially because this is the dining table we had before.  I know, not kid friendly at all right?  We bought it before we had kids and didn't even think that it was the worst idea for a dining table at the time.


Then I ran across this amazing article on Pinterest.  This article will also show you all the steps to make the dining booth.   I put this dining booth together two years ago and didn't think to take any pictures  except the two below :-(

Here my son was "helping" us cover the headboard.

This picture was before we added the bins.


I am so happy with how it came out.  I have been able to seat up to 10 people (a little tight but we all fit).  My favorite part is that my 3 and 4 year old are able to climb up and sit there without any help.  Which leaves time for this very busy mom to get dinner ready without having to worry about helping them get seated or about them falling off.

This is the first picture before I added anything to the walls:

I then bought a chandelier decal from Target,  different placemats, different centerpiece and some pillows.   I also found a great tutorial on Pinterest for making huge canvas prints for cheap.  Click here for tutorial. 



Benches - IKEA
Dinner Table & Chairs - Pottery Barn (I found mine on Craigslist)
Wine Hutch - Pottery Barn (Also found on Craigslist)
Fabric - Carlos Fabrics
Chandelier Decal - Amazon
Placemats - IKEA
Storage Boxes - IKEA
Centerpiece Plate - TJ Maxx
Aqua Pillows - Ross
You + Me Pillow - Nordstrom Rack

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  1. This is awesome. So much better than having a regular table and chairs.